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Let’s Create! Pottery – Review

Let’s Create! Pottery is a recently released game from developers Infinite Dreams Inc.  It is available for iPhone and iPad as a “HD” version, priced at $2.99 and $4.99 respectively.  It can be located on iTunes here:

Let’s Create! Pottery
Let’s Create! Pottery HD


Let’s Create! Pottery offers the chance for players to imagine and design their own unique pots or vases, or follow requests from customers via the in-game email system. Once you’ve accepted a customer’s request, you can begin creating their vase to the description, before firing it in a kiln and decorating it with brushes and colours. You then go on to give the creation to the customer or sell the it at…

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Zepi:Dark Review

Zepi takes a fresh look at the ‘Match 3′ genre, allowing complete freedom over where new objects come in. You are met with an appealing menu when you first open the app, and you may then choose from 3 different game styles: Graveyard, Metall or Gothic.  Each type has its own artwork and unique objects to match together keeping gameplay different each time.  This game differs to others in this genre in many ways, mostly positive; but the initial idea still remains the same – remove 2 or objects of the same colour to score points.  You can then add these scores to either local, or online leaderboards to show off your amazing skills.

In the gameplay, you are not restricted to having objects fall…

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Afterwing mini review

Afterwing is an arcade style 3D shooter set on 12 different islands, spread over an initial 3 worlds. Extra worlds are unlocked later in the game, as are 9 of the 12 levels.  The menu is simple to navigate with nicely displayed buttons and a background looped video of your space craft.  The aim of the game is to simply kill all of your opponents, usually between 15 and 20, and stay alive to the end.  It is all-against-all so there are a lot of bullets flying about but be quick to kill more than anyone else to advance to the next level. The bullets themselves adds a nice effect to the game as the long lines make nice patterns!  You may also choose to…

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Scales and Modes Mini review

Playing piano has always appealed to me, as has playing the guitar.  However, I’ve never got round to it, but fortunatly for you and me, along comes this great little app ‘Scales and Modes’.  It displays all the scales and modes you’d ever need with over 20 different ones and over 14 different root notes (including sharp and flat). My guess is that you could get quite accomplished using this.  The menu system is extremely aesthetically pleasing, using the texture of an ancient piece of paper and scrolled handwiriting to make your selections.

Once your fine tuned selection is made, you are shown a five line staff with all the notes on and then the same chord but in tabliture form –…

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Create a Mall

Create a Mall works like most other time management titles; complete the set goals in under a certain time limit for a better score.  However, it stands out from the rest as it focuses on just one mall at a time, unlike housing management where you have lots of buildings all at once.  By doing this, it means that the mall takes up most of the screen so you can really get close and personal with the action and tell shops apart.  The typical elevator music plays in the background which adds an excellent touch as do the animations of people walking, elevator doors openeing and builders working.

The shops themselves are very nicely detailed and differ from eachother boasting at least 2 variations of…

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Playground – A Day in the Park

With so many apps on the App Store, it’s easy to get lost in the many games that involve shooting or killing and hard to find one suitable for the younger generation.  Then along comes ‘Playground – A Day in the Park’, a very polished app intended for children aged between 1 and 3 years.  Boasting lovely, easy navigation menu and cute animals, you and your family can enjoy hours of entertainment.

The game consists of 4 mini-games each hosting lovely 2D artwork – the first, my favourite, is Bird on a power line. Simply swipe your finger over the bird and release to send the bird flying into the air and spinning round; good to make you laugh and…

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