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Fantastic Freebie Friday

As Freebie Fridays go, this week’s is a doozie – we have 11 apps for your perusal. There are 8 games included, so lets start there…

  1. iSink U ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.25

  1. Timeloop ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.4

  1. Arcade Solitaire: TriTowers ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.8

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Friday Freebies

Friday means freebies, and first up are a couple of games that will keep you addicted until next Friday rolls around:

  1. Vector Tanks (Classic Version) ($0.99 > FREE)
    Global rating: 3.55
  1. Frict ($0.99 > FREE)
    Global rating: 3.75

If you are looking for something educational for the kids then, as a seasoned traveller, recomend this:

  1. Lola's Flag Adventure ($1.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.8

Want to text from your iPod Touch, or text for free? Check out TextPlus (be aware this works best in the US and Canada):

  1. textPlus (FREE)

    Global rating: 2.6

AppDope loves a good free app. If you do too, why not head over to

Each morning, as the name suggests, points out a paid app that has gone for free for 24 hours. Todays freebie is Tiki Totems – which is well worth getting while its free.

The site was created by ICS Mobile, developer of critically acclaimed Navy Patrol:Coastal Defense, Blacksmith Games, developer of Apple’s Top featured game Plushed, OpenFeint, the leading iPhone social gaming network and Tapjoy, developer of perennial top 100 free game TapDefense.

If you like good free apps, dont forget to check out the PRICEDROPS section here on AppDope, where you can look through all the latest sales. Put in a…

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OpenFient Friday

Here are a few OpenFeint enabled games that have gone on sale this Friday.

If you don’t know, OpenFeint allows the iPhone community to see who’s top dog at different games. Games that use it generally have global high scores, but lots also have achievements, chat and Facebook connectivity. Most fun of all though are the games – such as Battle Bears and Hook Champ – that use OpenFeint to let you challenge your friends. For more info head over to the

  1. TileStorm ($1.99 > $0.99)

    Global rating: 3.45

  1. Tiki Totems ($1.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.7

  1. Sentinel: Mars Defense ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.65

Bargains to brighten your day

February is officially the most depressing month of the year, at least here in the UK anyway. So here are some sales that might brighten your mood, if you are not depressed be careful – if you start from an happy place you might explode with joy. They including Killer Pool which I actually made myself, but despite that its actually quite good …

  1. Killer Pool ($1.99 > $0.99)

    Global rating: 3.15

  1. Doodle Bomb: Physics Puzzle with a Bang ($1.99 > $0.99)

    Global rating: 4

  1. ZombieHunter [7DA] ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.25

  1. WordWeaver ($1.99 > $0.99)

    Global rating: 4.05

  1. Voltron ($3.99 > $0.99)

    Global rating: 4

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Friday Freebies

Its Freebie Friday time, and strangely enough there seems to be a theme. Here are three animal based games you can pick up for free today. AppDope contributor Dogmeat himself is featured in the iTunes blurb for Paradise Monkeys, saying “5/5 – Paradise Monkeys is fun, in fact, its not only fun but extremely addictive.” – what more incentive do you need, and they’re free.

  1. Lion Pride ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.5

  1. Paradise Monkeys ($1.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 2.95

  1. Mouse About ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.75

Game sales

Nice to see that the PRICEDDROP section is working nicely. Today, our official launch day, it has thrown up these interesting sales…

Crusade Of Destiny™ ($2.99 > $0.99) Global rating: 3.55 (374 ratings)
Tap-Fu ($2.99 > $0.99) Global rating: 3.35 (221 ratings)
Chop Chop Ninja ($1.99 > $0.99) Global rating: 3.9 (376 ratings)
Crayon Physics Deluxe ($4.99 > $0.99) Global rating: 3.95 (679 ratings)
1112 episode 01 ($4.99 > FREE) Global rating: 3.55 (857 ratings)
Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor ($2.99 > $0.99) rating: 3.1 (4157 ratings)
iZombie: Death March ($0.99 > FREE) Global rating: 2.9 (168 ratings)

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3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2 – minireview

3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2A couple of days ago the NEWRELEASES section threw up an interesting title, 3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2.  A sequel to the successful original, it offers the same breakout game play with 3D graphic stylings.  The App Store is beginning to see sequels more regularly now which begs the question, are they genuinely worthy of a new release?  The store is still a young place and sequels are unlikely to be released that long after their previous incarnation.  3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2 is just such a release, as comes out 10 months after the original.

The game offers a new array of obstacles, power-ups, hidden levels and special weapons.  There is also an assortment of new music, which vary…

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iBomber – minireview

iBomber is an excellent little game that just became free to download.  It puts players in the cockpit of a WWII Bomber and tasks them with various missions to destroy enemy positions.  The navigation controls are tilt based – fully configurable and can be calibrated to suit your favored normal device position – and bombs are dropped by tapping the large “bombs away “button.  There are 14 missions (unless there are some ive yet to unlock), most of which begin locked, each with 4 possible achievements awarded on completion.

The graphics are splendid, as is the audio and overall vibe.  The navigation controls are a little difficult to begin with, but if you tweak your settings it doesn’t take long…

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Tuesday price drops

Its Tuesday, and that means… well, not much really, but here are a couple of interesting looking games that just popped up in the PRICEDROPS section:

Yipe 5: Attack of Idle Hands ($1.99 > $0.99)
Flipt ($2.99 > $0.99)

And here are some that dropped to free today…

Bumpoid ($2.99 > FREE)
Hand of Greed ($2.99 > FREE)
KrazyBall ($0.99 > FREE)

If you’ve played them, why not leave a comment.

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