World Championship Simulator 2010 – Relive The Glory Of The World Cup

So yes it’s been just over a month since the soccer world cup ended and we all came to terms with Spains last minute victory over unlikely finalists The Netherlands but that doesn’t mean you can’t still relive the fun of the event.

Maybe you want to change some of the events that happened in the real cup. Perhaps you didn’t like the fact that Chris Wood missed that match winning goal in the final minutes of New Zealand vs Paraguay that would’ve taken New Zealand through to the last 16. Or What if Robert Green had never fumbled that save that led to England drawing there opening match with USA 1-1. Well you have the power to change this…

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Let’s Create! Pottery – Review

Let’s Create! Pottery is a recently released game from developers Infinite Dreams Inc.  It is available for iPhone and iPad as a “HD” version, priced at $2.99 and $4.99 respectively.  It can be located on iTunes here:

Let’s Create! Pottery
Let’s Create! Pottery HD


Let’s Create! Pottery offers the chance for players to imagine and design their own unique pots or vases, or follow requests from customers via the in-game email system. Once you’ve accepted a customer’s request, you can begin creating their vase to the description, before firing it in a kiln and decorating it with brushes and colours. You then go on to give the creation to the customer or sell the it at…

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Finger Balance – mini review

Getting a chance to review Finger Balance was an exciting prospect, the game looks like an original concept with an interesting control system. However, after playing the game for a little while, i’m left with mixed feelings. Initially the game doesn’t disappoint, it is fun, addictive and is great to just pick up and play. The graphics and audio are good, if not spectacular, but the physics engine is excellent – which is obviously extremely important in a game such as this. The controls are very precise, if a little too much so occasionally when the slightest twitch will send the ball flying. The addition of OpenFeint adds a nice level of re-playability. So far, so good.

So why the…

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Afterwing mini review

Afterwing is an arcade style 3D shooter set on 12 different islands, spread over an initial 3 worlds. Extra worlds are unlocked later in the game, as are 9 of the 12 levels.  The menu is simple to navigate with nicely displayed buttons and a background looped video of your space craft.  The aim of the game is to simply kill all of your opponents, usually between 15 and 20, and stay alive to the end.  It is all-against-all so there are a lot of bullets flying about but be quick to kill more than anyone else to advance to the next level. The bullets themselves adds a nice effect to the game as the long lines make nice patterns!  You may also choose to…

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3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2 – minireview

3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2A couple of days ago the NEWRELEASES section threw up an interesting title, 3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2.  A sequel to the successful original, it offers the same breakout game play with 3D graphic stylings.  The App Store is beginning to see sequels more regularly now which begs the question, are they genuinely worthy of a new release?  The store is still a young place and sequels are unlikely to be released that long after their previous incarnation.  3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2 is just such a release, as comes out 10 months after the original.

The game offers a new array of obstacles, power-ups, hidden levels and special weapons.  There is also an assortment of new music, which vary…

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Baseball Superstars 2010

Yellow Folks, welcome to my first of hopefully many reviews on Appdope. In this rather lengthy block of text I’ll reviewing arguably one of the best Baseball games available on the app store. Gamevil are quickly becoming well known for their ground-breaking games on the app store. From what we’ve seen of them so far they seem to specialize in RPG’s and are well known for their best selling games Zenonia and Hybrid: Eternel Whisper. This game is a sequel to the 2009 edition of Baseball Superstars which has improved gameplay, updated graphics and more customization!


You are an aspiring young baseball player refereed to more often than desired “Rookie” by your coach and other characters. You have a choice of 12…

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iBomber – minireview

iBomber is an excellent little game that just became free to download.  It puts players in the cockpit of a WWII Bomber and tasks them with various missions to destroy enemy positions.  The navigation controls are tilt based – fully configurable and can be calibrated to suit your favored normal device position – and bombs are dropped by tapping the large “bombs away “button.  There are 14 missions (unless there are some ive yet to unlock), most of which begin locked, each with 4 possible achievements awarded on completion.

The graphics are splendid, as is the audio and overall vibe.  The navigation controls are a little difficult to begin with, but if you tweak your settings it doesn’t take long…

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