it wouldnt be Friday without some freebies, so get you mitts on these before they revert back to costing you a few hard earned coins.

Competition – $50 of iTunes vouchers & lots of redeem codes!

Want to win some cash to spend on the iTunes store, well here’s your chance. You might even win some redeem codes too.

To enter, just post links to from as many other websites as you can – or get other people/websites to. This could be on a blog, a forum, a social networking site, or any other website – they don’t have to be run by you, feel free to talk to other website owners.

The rules:
1. Only one link per domain – i.e.
2. As soon as you get a link live, email it with subject “COMP 01″ (use the same email address each time so we can count the…

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Gameloft Turn To Their Golden Oldies

Over the last few months gameloft have been making quite a few announcements about new games 2 of those are sequels to their biggest hits Modern Combat: Sandstorm and Gang$tar: West Coast Hustle.

Now the iDevice and apps have been great for indie developers but it’s the big companies like Gameloft and EA that have shown how much potential the iDevice has as a gaming console. Over the last 2 years Gameloft has managed to make their mark on the appstore with games like Hero of Sparta and N.O.V.A and are considered one of the biggest game developers on the app store.

This month Gameloft have announced sequels to their much loved games Modern Combat: Sandstorm and Gang$tar: West Coast…

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AppDope has a new section.  With the sheer number of normally paid games going free for a short time, we felt they warranted a permanent area.

So if you look on the right hand side of the page, you will see a FREEBIEGAMES – a list of games that are usually paid for, but have temporarily dropped to free.  The list constantly updates, and will hopefully keep you in supply of good quality, free games. 

At the time of writing the list is as follows, starting with the ever popular iShoot…

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Get Freebie Alerts & Promo Codes on TWITTER

If you want regular Freebie Alerts, along with news and links to reviews, follow us on twitter here:

Today’s freebie alerts are already up there.

We will also post PROMO CODES there – so if you are fast, there are even more free apps up for grabs.


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Friday Freebie Fever

I can tell you that our servers register a phenomenal 260,000+ apps on the App Store now, of which nearly 45,000 are games. In addition to the fabulous amount of choice, the great news for you is an ever increasing number of freebies on Friday.

In case you don’t know AppDope’s PRICEDROPS page searches the App Store to find all the reductions in price. You can specify genre, whether it dropped to free, and minimum number of ratings.

Check it out, but first download these free game, before they revert to paid…

  1. Dark Nebula – Episode One ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.8

  1. Archangel: Fate of the Galactic Commonwealth ($1.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.25

  1. Psychoban ($1.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 2.95

  1. X Invasion 2 ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.1

  1. Starship Defense ($4.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 2.6

  1. Retro Fighter ($2.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 2.9

  1. Jelly Invaders ($1.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 2.9

  1. Pocket Devil – Hell Yeah! ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 2.9

  1. Colour Pop ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.55

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Chop Chop Runner free for a day.

The delightful Chop Chop Runner is free today, get it while its hot!

  1. Chop Chop Runner ($1.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.35

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New Releases

A couple of interesting new games popped up in the NEWRELEASES section, we havnt played them yet but they certainly look like fun. If you have them and would like to publish a review here on AppDope, email us at

Upcoming HD games

With the iPad sales now topping 3 million (according to Apple), it not suprising to see many existing apps, particularly games, getting a HD revamp.  Sauce Digital have announced they will be updating their entire suite of games to HD versions.  The existing iPhone apps can be found here:

  1. Space Balls ($0.99)
  1. Killer Pool ($1.99)
  1. Nano Rally ($0.99)
  1. Touch Soccer 3D ($0.99)
  1. Monkey Tennis ($0.99)
  1. Amoebas ($0.99)

1951 – World War One flies into the App Store

1951 – World War One made its way onto the App Store last week and it looks a lot of fun. Even this early on it has 15 reviews worldwide at an average of 3.85 stars. It is a top-down aerial shooter, involving bi-planes and lots of bullets. The plane is manoeuvred using by tilting the device, with and onscreen buttons for fire, repair and special weapons.

1951 is single player, with two game modes. “Wave Mode” takes the player through a succession of enemy waves which get progressively larger and harder, “Survival” tasks the play with simply staying airborne as long as they can. The game is OpenFeint enabled to track how well the player does…

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