Price drop for the weekend, sir?

It’s Friday, that means the weekend is nearly here. So here are a few interesting looking games that are free from a limited time, and will make your weekend a little more fun.

  1. My Brute ($4.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.05

  1. Zombie Shock ($1.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.15

  1. Ace Glow Brick Breaker ($1.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 2.35

  1. ARSoccer – Augmented Reality Soccer Game ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.75

  1. Whacksy Taxi ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.05

  1. Super MisterMind ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 2.65

  1. Fire Tail 2 ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 2.75

Space Balls – new physics puzzler submitted

Sauce Digital announced that they have submitted their latest game Space Balls. It should be available withing a couple of weeks and will cost $0.99.

Space Balls is a physics puzzler that combines skill, explosions, brains and more explosions. Players make their way though a variety of levels, that present different challenges and require considered tactics. The obstacles in each level will have to be moved, used, altered or destroyed in order to capture a number of enemies. This is completed through the clever and skillful firing of Space Balls, each with their unique talents and properties.

The Story:
Set in distant galaxies where the Space Balls and their arch-enemies the Cuboids live, the game begins on planet Orb. Home to the Space Balls, Orb is powered by the Ultramegasphere, until the evil Cuboids appear and steal it. The Cuboids split the device into pieces and scuttle off to the far corners of the Triangulon galaxy. Its up to you to get thenm back, until you do planet Orb is open to Cuboid attack.

Game Features:
* 90 increasingly difficult levels.
* 35 different obstacles and enemies, all with unique properties.
* 16 Space Ball characters with different skills and attributes
* Progressively disclosed storyline, featured in comic strip format.
* atmospheric sound effects and exclusive music by Tokyo Pushers
* iPhone 4 hiRes graphics.

SimCity Deluxe released

The AppDope NewReleases section threw up a big name this morning, as SimCity Deluxe reached the App Store.  It’s not cheap at $6.99, but then that’s to be expected with EA, or any game with such a background and fan base.

The first thing you will notice is that there is no support for retina display, which will raise a few eyebrows.  I for one would have thought that this kind of game would really benefit from hires graphics, not to mention it would be a massive selling point.  So the fact that didn’t happen is a bit of sad indictment of EA and the time they are willing to put into the game.   So considering that, and their…

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Monkey Tennis – first screens exclusive

Sauce Digital have provided AppDope the first screens of their next game, Monkey Tennis.  The screens are work in progress, but give a good idea of what the game is all about – which is exactly what you would expect; tennis, played with monkeys.

The full game details have not been confirmed, but are set to include knockout, championship and league modes, and also a set of unique challenges.  There will be about 30 different monkeys to play with, all with different attributes.

The game will hopefully be released at the beginning of May, and will have a starting price of $0.99

Fantastic Freebie Friday

As Freebie Fridays go, this week’s is a doozie – we have 11 apps for your perusal. There are 8 games included, so lets start there…

  1. iSink U ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.25

  1. Timeloop ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.4

  1. Arcade Solitaire: TriTowers ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.8

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Friday Freebies

Friday means freebies, and first up are a couple of games that will keep you addicted until next Friday rolls around:

  1. Vector Tanks (Classic Version) ($0.99 > FREE)
    Global rating: 3.55
  1. Frict ($0.99 > FREE)
    Global rating: 3.75

If you are looking for something educational for the kids then, as a seasoned traveller, recomend this:

  1. Lola's Flag Adventure ($1.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.8

Want to text from your iPod Touch, or text for free? Check out TextPlus (be aware this works best in the US and Canada):

  1. textPlus (FREE)

    Global rating: 2.6

Sauce Digital to make tennis game

Exclusive news for you AppDopers. Sauce Digital – developers of Killer Pool, Nano Rally ant Touch Soccer 3D – will next be releasing a Tennis game.

There is no official name yet and no screenshots, but the game is well into production. Its 3D, with very accurate physics, and no… it wont have the same control system as Touch Soccer 3D.

The game hopes to address the lack of iPhone specific Tennis games, and hence the lack of really good ones. The release date is set for mid April.

AppDope loves a good free app. If you do too, why not head over to

Each morning, as the name suggests, points out a paid app that has gone for free for 24 hours. Todays freebie is Tiki Totems – which is well worth getting while its free.

The site was created by ICS Mobile, developer of critically acclaimed Navy Patrol:Coastal Defense, Blacksmith Games, developer of Apple’s Top featured game Plushed, OpenFeint, the leading iPhone social gaming network and Tapjoy, developer of perennial top 100 free game TapDefense.

If you like good free apps, dont forget to check out the PRICEDROPS section here on AppDope, where you can look through all the latest sales. Put in a…

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OpenFient Friday

Here are a few OpenFeint enabled games that have gone on sale this Friday.

If you don’t know, OpenFeint allows the iPhone community to see who’s top dog at different games. Games that use it generally have global high scores, but lots also have achievements, chat and Facebook connectivity. Most fun of all though are the games – such as Battle Bears and Hook Champ – that use OpenFeint to let you challenge your friends. For more info head over to the

  1. TileStorm ($1.99 > $0.99)

    Global rating: 3.45

  1. Tiki Totems ($1.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.7

  1. Sentinel: Mars Defense ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.65

Bargains to brighten your day

February is officially the most depressing month of the year, at least here in the UK anyway. So here are some sales that might brighten your mood, if you are not depressed be careful – if you start from an happy place you might explode with joy. They including Killer Pool which I actually made myself, but despite that its actually quite good …

  1. Killer Pool ($1.99 > $0.99)

    Global rating: 3.15

  1. Doodle Bomb: Physics Puzzle with a Bang ($1.99 > $0.99)

    Global rating: 4

  1. ZombieHunter [7DA] ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.25

  1. WordWeaver ($1.99 > $0.99)

    Global rating: 4.05

  1. Voltron ($3.99 > $0.99)

    Global rating: 4

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