Friday Freebies

Its Freebie Friday time, and strangely enough there seems to be a theme. Here are three animal based games you can pick up for free today. AppDope contributor Dogmeat himself is featured in the iTunes blurb for Paradise Monkeys, saying “5/5 – Paradise Monkeys is fun, in fact, its not only fun but extremely addictive.” – what more incentive do you need, and they’re free.

  1. Lion Pride ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.5

  1. Paradise Monkeys ($1.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 2.95

  1. Mouse About ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.75

Game sales

Nice to see that the PRICEDDROP section is working nicely. Today, our official launch day, it has thrown up these interesting sales…

Crusade Of Destiny™ ($2.99 > $0.99) Global rating: 3.55 (374 ratings)
Tap-Fu ($2.99 > $0.99) Global rating: 3.35 (221 ratings)
Chop Chop Ninja ($1.99 > $0.99) Global rating: 3.9 (376 ratings)
Crayon Physics Deluxe ($4.99 > $0.99) Global rating: 3.95 (679 ratings)
1112 episode 01 ($4.99 > FREE) Global rating: 3.55 (857 ratings)
Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor ($2.99 > $0.99) rating: 3.1 (4157 ratings)
iZombie: Death March ($0.99 > FREE) Global rating: 2.9 (168 ratings)

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Tuesday price drops

Its Tuesday, and that means… well, not much really, but here are a couple of interesting looking games that just popped up in the PRICEDROPS section:

Yipe 5: Attack of Idle Hands ($1.99 > $0.99)
Flipt ($2.99 > $0.99)

And here are some that dropped to free today…

Bumpoid ($2.99 > FREE)
Hand of Greed ($2.99 > FREE)
KrazyBall ($0.99 > FREE)

If you’ve played them, why not leave a comment.

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First Additions to the MEGACOMP

The first two apps have been added to the MEGACOMP. They are Amoebas and Touch Soccer 3D, with 2 and 10 promo codes up for grabs respecively.

AmoebasTouch Soccer 3D

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iBomber goes free

iBomber Fancy yourself as Lord Flashheart? Well you’ll be glad to know that the beautifully crafted iBomber has gone free for a limited time. If you don’t know much about this game, you should really check it out. It can be hard to control in the outset, and you can occasionally get a bit disorientated, but once you get the hang of the subtle tilting that the controls require, you will be giving the filthy Bosch a whipping in no time.  iTunes link.

Welcome to AppDope

The team that brought you would like to present our new site,

AppDope was started to run the same Promo Code giveaway competition as 12daysofchristmasapps, but every week. This has been done, and developers are already adding codes for this Friday’s inaugural giveaway – know as the MEGACOMP. From then on, every Friday AppDope and its contributing developers will give away lots of codes for some great apps. All you have to do is register (just 5 fields) and then enter. Winners will receive their codes on their individual YOURPAGE section.

But there is more to the site than this. AppDope is constantly checking iTunes for all the new releases as they hit the App Store, and even…

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