iBomber is an excellent little game that just became free to download.  It puts players in the cockpit of a WWII Bomber and tasks them with various missions to destroy enemy positions.  The navigation controls are tilt based – fully configurable and can be calibrated to suit your favored normal device position – and bombs are dropped by tapping the large “bombs away “button.  There are 14 missions (unless there are some ive yet to unlock), most of which begin locked, each with 4 possible achievements awarded on completion.

The graphics are splendid, as is the audio and overall vibe.  The navigation controls are a little difficult to begin with, but if you tweak your settings it doesn’t take long to master.  Once you have, you can employ lots of techniques for maximum damage, such as varying your speed, and aligning you trajectory with the long thin boats.  There are several different weapons that give the game extra depth, and a vast array nasty Germans to dump your load on.  Bombs drop at different speeds, so timing is everything.

It can get a little hard to navigate sometimes, and could really do with a mini-map.  Some of the later levels can be quite difficult, but you will have spent a while on the game before you ever get stuck, so the game could do with an easy mode to go with the ‘normal’ and ‘elite’ found in the game at present.  The game play is excellent, with satisfying explosions,  loads of enemy types and lots of re-playability.  For a game that is currently free, you cant go wrong, get it now.

AppDope rating: 7.6/10