3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2A couple of days ago the NEWRELEASES section threw up an interesting title, 3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2.  A sequel to the successful original, it offers the same breakout game play with 3D graphic stylings.  The App Store is beginning to see sequels more regularly now which begs the question, are they genuinely worthy of a new release?  The store is still a young place and sequels are unlikely to be released that long after their previous incarnation.  3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2 is just such a release, as comes out 10 months after the original.

The game offers a new array of obstacles, power-ups, hidden levels and special weapons.  There is also an assortment of new music, which vary nicely between levels to suit the situation.  The new power-ups include super-nukes and electric shocks, which combined with the updated visuals give the game a fresh feel.  The game certainly feels more intense than the original.  The control system remains the same, moving the paddle either by buttons on the left/right or by moving your finger at the bottom of the screen – the later of which still has a delay that can get frustrating, and for me is the worst thing about the game.  The game looks more developed, with better particle effects, animating floors and better explosions – however the blocks themselves seem to be rendered differently and maybe not as neat as the original.

Should you get this?  Well for those of you who have the original, ask yourself why did you stop playing it? If it was because you completed it, or slowly tired of the power-ups available, then this might well be worth it as a good freshener if your are willing to pay another $2.99.  However, if you didnt like the original, or have tired with breakout games, there probably isn’t enough new content.  If you don’t have the original and want a new breakout game, you cant go wrong – 3D BBR 2 has built on the original well, and barring the annoying delay on the swipe control (which has probably stopped this game getting a 8.2/10 rating ), its worth the investment. iTunes link.

AppDope rating: 7.4/10