Me again, this time I’m reviewing a game which is quickly becoming my favourite puzzle/word game. A great game that combines strategy and challenge to make for a fun and enjoyable play. CFresh Media LLC, made them selves known to the app store last month after their debut game Rummage charted in the US Top 10 Word Games and was featured in the New and Noteworthy section.


Well the gameplay is simple but it works well and you wouldn’t want it any other way. The object of the game is that you are given a list of words associated with a certain subject and you must slide letters around the screen either up, down, left or right to form the word. There’s a catch though you may not move letters diagonally and you only have 10 moves but never worry as if you create a word than you gain extra moves and will be rewarded with some more letters which magically drop down from the bottom of the screen to replace your old ones you used to spell the word.


Rummage is easy to use and layed out well. You have a 45 categories of words and u can scroll up and down to select which one you want.

Once you get into the game the interface is still easy to use. You can tap the timer to pause the game and also take a look at a detailed list of how the scoring works, or instead you can check your list of words and see which word you want to have a crack at next and finally once you’ve assorted the letters into a word you can check them off by tapping each letter.

MISC: 8/10

Well there’s  no doubt that this game is long-lasting with 45 categories of words and has a high replay-ability factor. The game will get very challenging as you go further up the list of word categories so for those of you who love a challenging puzzle game this is the game for you. Rummage is a game you won’t get easily sick of and then feel you’ve wasted your money, You’ll always wanting to be checking each word and category off of your list.


A perfect combination of Strategy, Skill, Puzzle and Words make this game a really enjoyable experience. Not only can Rummage be played by younger people who’s primary use for their iDevice is gaming but also for the elder generation which don’t necessarily use their iDevice for gaming. Rummage is only $0.99/£0.59 and is definitely worth getting even if your not into the puzzle or word genre.


NAME: Rummage
PRICE: $0.99/£0.59
GENRE(S): Word/Puzzle
iTUNES LINK: Rummage