With so many apps on the App Store, it’s easy to get lost in the many games that involve shooting or killing and hard to find one suitable for the younger generation.  Then along comes ‘Playground – A Day in the Park’, a very polished app intended for children aged between 1 and 3 years.  Boasting lovely, easy navigation menu and cute animals, you and your family can enjoy hours of entertainment.

The game consists of 4 mini-games each hosting lovely 2D artwork – the first, my favourite, is Bird on a power line. Simply swipe your finger over the bird and release to send the bird flying into the air and spinning round; good to make you laugh and keep your child entertained!  The second is Beach Crabs where you tap a crab to make him go running about and do a funky dance.  School of Fish is a nice level where you can just relax and watch the fish swim, or tap the water to cause a ripple and catch the fish’s attention.  Hopping Frogs involves stroking frogs which causes them to hop from lily-pad to lily-pad.  Although there may seem no real point of each level or never reaching an end, you have to see it from your youngster’s point of view; enjoying a good giggle as well as learning from it.

By having such a simple interface, it means your child can pick up your iPhone or iPod Touch and use the app themselves by purely tapping the picture of the animal they want to play with.  This is very well thought of and considerate on the developer’s part.

Whichever level you choose, you are in for some personal entertainment as well as teaching your little ones how to interact using swipes, taps and targeting onscreen targets.  This coupled with the adorable sound effects of Mr. Bird make the whole thing worth the mere asking price of $1.99. Be prepared to say goodbye to your iPhone! iTunes link

Price: $1.99

AppDope rating: 7.8/10