Playing piano has always appealed to me, as has playing the guitar.  However, I’ve never got round to it, but fortunatly for you and me, along comes this great little app ‘Scales and Modes’.  It displays all the scales and modes you’d ever need with over 20 different ones and over 14 different root notes (including sharp and flat). My guess is that you could get quite accomplished using this.  The menu system is extremely aesthetically pleasing, using the texture of an ancient piece of paper and scrolled handwiriting to make your selections.

Once your fine tuned selection is made, you are shown a five line staff with all the notes on and then the same chord but in tabliture form – extremely helpful for beginners.  To make sure you are playing properly, a music sample is included for each; simply press the ‘play scale’ button to hear it professionally and watch animated notes change colour so you know which one is being played.  You can also easily switch to the same scale, but in guitar form by just pressing the guitar symbol at the bottom.  A little information button in the top right gives a detailed yet brief description of each scale or mode as well as a construction.

Each menu is rapid to load while scrolling and selecting is very responsive making this application a pleasure to use.  This is perfect for anyone who is either an independant learner, hasn’t got time on their hands to get lessons or for people who just want to reinforce their understanding.  A great companion to the budding musician at only $1.99.

AppDope Rating: 8.2/10