Afterwing is an arcade style 3D shooter set on 12 different islands, spread over an initial 3 worlds. Extra worlds are unlocked later in the game, as are 9 of the 12 levels.  The menu is simple to navigate with nicely displayed buttons and a background looped video of your space craft.  The aim of the game is to simply kill all of your opponents, usually between 15 and 20, and stay alive to the end.  It is all-against-all so there are a lot of bullets flying about but be quick to kill more than anyone else to advance to the next level. The bullets themselves adds a nice effect to the game as the long lines make nice patterns!  You may also choose to change weapons to missiles, and view to first person for a more immersive game.

The graphics, although very simple do the job well; however, I do feel the islands could have background images to make it feel less deserted.  Opponent crafts are also very thin meaning they’re hard to shoot with just the bullets – not always great and can get frustrating.  Missiles, on the other hand, lock onto the target and blow it to smithereens, with added effects of an explosion animation and ‘boom’ sound effects.  My personal favourite level is the cityscape, where you can fly over buildings and shoot enemies, dodging buildings in hope you don’t break off your wing (if you do, you slowly descend to the ground and die!)  Missiles are well designed in this game.  You cannot just spam your emeny with them, you have to stalk them for a while then wait for the auto-lock to settle and then fire.  A limited amount of missiles also helps to add difficulty to the game.

The responsiveness of the tilt control is to a tee, allowing for a problem free gaming session but the lack of calibration means you do have to sit upright to play.  My only other nag is the lack of ‘back’ buttons on the menu, and no ‘main-menu’ option in-game resulting in you quickly crashing your craft just to go back!  Other than that, this is a fun pick-up-and-play game that will get your heart pumping, and leave you coming back time and time again.

AppDope Rating: 6.8/10