Zepi takes a fresh look at the ‘Match 3′ genre, allowing complete freedom over where new objects come in. You are met with an appealing menu when you first open the app, and you may then choose from 3 different game styles: Graveyard, Metall or Gothic.  Each type has its own artwork and unique objects to match together keeping gameplay different each time.  This game differs to others in this genre in many ways, mostly positive; but the initial idea still remains the same – remove 2 or objects of the same colour to score points.  You can then add these scores to either local, or online leaderboards to show off your amazing skills.

In the gameplay, you are not restricted to having objects fall from the top, instead they come from all directions meaning you must stay on your toes to succeed. To make life easier, you can spin the game board 360 degrees to stop a build-up happening and you even can tilt your device at any angle (even as slight as 10 degrees)and play that way – ingame objects orientate themselves accordingly. Every so often, a ‘multiply score’ power-up is thrown in to massively increase points.  Playing this game is a lot easier than other similar ones as it allows you to select any matching objects onscreen whether or not they’re touching eachother making it great for children or those who arent looking for a massive challenge.  Cool sound effects signal when objects have been selected, and when they have been removed.

Every detail of this game makes it unique, fun and truely immersive for the best pick-up game in the match 3 genre, and possibly the best pick-up game of recent times.  Zepi has 3 other versions in the series, so if skulls and spiders isn’t really your kind of thing, be sure to check out the others more suited to your taste for the same great price of $0.99. 

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AppDope Rating: 8/10