1951 – World War One made its way onto the App Store last week and it looks a lot of fun.  Even this early on it has 15 reviews worldwide at an average of 3.85 stars.   It is a top-down aerial shooter, involving bi-planes and lots of bullets.  The plane is manoeuvred using by tilting the device, with and onscreen buttons for fire, repair and special weapons.

1951 is single player, with two game modes. “Wave Mode” takes the player through a succession of enemy waves which get progressively larger and harder, “Survival” tasks the play with simply staying airborne as long as they can.  The game is OpenFeint enabled to track how well the player does.

1951 is available for iPhone and iPod touch, but not for ipad just yet.  It is the first game by Treehouse Ltd, and considering how polished the game graphics are, they look like a development house with great potential and one to keep an eye on.

The Story:

On June 28th 1914 separatist assassination attempt against Franz-Ferdinand, Austrian heir of throne, failed miserably. Gavrilo Princip took aim and pulled the trigger only to find his gun clicking, feebly. The gun was jammed and Grand Duke escaped unscathed.

With this single mechanical failure the seed of First World War was never sown, and without the humiliation of Versaille’s there was no wind to fan the flames for a second one. Adolf Hitler had to make his living as a mediocre marketplace artist at the streets of Vienna instead of becoming the dangerous, dictatorial dreamer he would otherwise have been. But without two global wars to drive the technology forward the world of 1951 remains much like the world at the turn of the century – colonialism upholding imperial economies and withering alliances cemented with royal marriages. It’s Imperialism iced with biplanes and rock’n roll!


Engage the enemy in aerial warfare in this fully 3d top-down arcade shooter with light RPG elements. Excellent gameplay and stunning artwork. Level-up to improve your character and utilize special manouveres like barrel-roll and Immelmann to gain tactical upper hand. Blast your way up the ladder in single player Wave mode or try to stay alive in Survival mode and show the world your scores by uploading them to OpenFeint.

- Tilt and gesture controls with feel of flying
- Fully 3d graphics with different weather conditions
- Open ended maps for tactical dogfight gameplay
- Advanced AI for enemies