Getting a chance to review Finger Balance was an exciting prospect, the game looks like an original concept with an interesting control system. However, after playing the game for a little while, i’m left with mixed feelings. Initially the game doesn’t disappoint, it is fun, addictive and is great to just pick up and play. The graphics and audio are good, if not spectacular, but the physics engine is excellent – which is obviously extremely important in a game such as this. The controls are very precise, if a little too much so occasionally when the slightest twitch will send the ball flying. The addition of OpenFeint adds a nice level of re-playability. So far, so good.

So why the mixed feelings previously mentioned? I rocketed through the first 20 levels in about 20 minutes, with the majority only requiring one attempt. The following three took roughly 10 minutes. After this i was stuck, in the space of three levels things had gone from easy to impossible – i just couldn’t get past this point. I was left feeling a little frustrated as a result. In this sort of game, level difficulty is one of the hardest things for developers to get right, and i’m not sure Coconut Island have nailed it.

So in conclusion, the game concept and implementation are good, but the levels need a little work. Hopefully an update can add another 20 or so levels in the mid-difficulty range. If this happens, Finger Balance would rate an excellent 8-9, not 7.

AppDope rating: 7/10