Let’s Create! Pottery is a recently released game from developers Infinite Dreams Inc.  It is available for iPhone and iPad as a “HD” version, priced at $2.99 and $4.99 respectively.  It can be located on iTunes here:

Let’s Create! Pottery
Let’s Create! Pottery HD


Let’s Create! Pottery offers the chance for players to imagine and design their own unique pots or vases, or follow requests from customers via the in-game email system. Once you’ve accepted a customer’s request, you can begin creating their vase to the description, before firing it in a kiln and decorating it with brushes and colours. You then go on to give the creation to the customer or sell the it at auction and with the money you earn, you can buy more brush designs or colours allowing yours designs to be more elaborate and sell for a higher price. Your interpretation of the customer’s design is rated on a 5 star scale as you shape it making it as accurate as possible, and if it’s good enough, they will recommend you to friends allowing your career to blossom. Finally, when you’ve unlocked all the brushes and colours, you may design all the pots you want, or carry on with taking orders. My only request would be the ability to zoom into the customers requesting picture to get an accurate equivalent.
Gameplay: 9.5/10


The graphics are very realistic, especially of the clay once it’s been fired, showing cracks and defects. The paints and brushes can be applied with varying thickness to be vivid or discreet. The only downside is the jagged edges on the clay whilst sculpting (on a 3rd generation device) and does let the overall atmosphere down. Hopefully a little anti-aliasing for iOS 4 will sort this problem out. Backgrounds on menus and in-game make the game more relaxing and Zen-like.
Graphics: 8/10


Tweeting birds and flowing streams can be heard in menus and whilst potting and these also create a relaxing scene. Once in the kiln, a fierce fire noise is heard – very realistic sounding, as is the muttering of people at the auction. Some soothing music wouldn’t go amiss though.
Audio: 7.5/10


Shaping the clay is extremely intuitive using swipe gestures to increase the width and height of the pot. Once fired, colouring and brushing could not be easier; press and hold to select where the brush will go and release to see it in place. A handy ‘undo’ button allows for mistakes to be eradicated so you can get your perfect design. My only gripe is the camera sometimes voluntarily zooms in and the pot goes off to one side; tedious when trying to do very fine details.
Controls: 9/10

Overall this game is incredibly impressive despite its simplicity. I found that although I’m someone who is completely useless at art, my imagination never stopped coming up with new ideas and I whiled away hours designing pot after pot. Besides, at $2.99 who wouldn’t want to make pots with none of the mess?

AppDope rating: 9/10