So yes it’s been just over a month since the soccer world cup ended and we all came to terms with Spains last minute victory over unlikely finalists The Netherlands but that doesn’t mean you can’t still relive the fun of the event.

Maybe you want to change some of the events that happened in the real cup. Perhaps you didn’t like the fact that Chris Wood missed that match winning goal in the final minutes of New Zealand vs Paraguay that would’ve taken New Zealand through to the last 16. Or What if Robert Green had never fumbled that save that led to England drawing there opening match with USA 1-1. Well you have the power to change this in your own world cup (well sort of…)


World Championship Simulator’s name doesn’t lie, it is just merely a simulator. So it’s haird to be fair when giving a gameplay score to something that just generates numbers for you so I’m comparing the gameplay with other simulators available. Now it does do 1 better than just genrating a random score instantly it still isn’t very interactive apart from allowing you to enable some features that may influence the score.

Also although after a while some may find it annoying and they just want to hury up and find out the score it does throw up a bunch of coloured circles onto your screen, each circle representing a player. The layout looks very similar to the Football Manager series on PSP. For roughly 40 seconds you can watch the cricles bounce around the screen taking corners, tackling and shooting for goals. If a shot is on target the game will cut to a picture of an annonymous goalkeeper saving the ball in the air or if not there will be a picture of the goal sitting in the bottom corner of the net. This is a nice touch.

If you end up with an undecisive draw you are given an option whether you want to play on in extra time and if there’s still no result after that it goes to penalties where you watch a nervous goalkeeper stand there as the ball slowly comes closer and closer to the goal which he either saves or lets in.


This app is really easy to use, it has a great layout and a few other nifty features apart from just simulating football matches. At the menu if you hit simulation you will be taken to an alphabetical list of all the teams  you just scroll down until you find the teams you want. If you don’t want to play a match you can edit all of the teams abilities such as how good they are at attack or how good their coaching is, this is all done by easy to use sliders. Don’t worry if you make a mistake as there is a big yellow clearly visible button in the top corner which allows you to load the default settings.

I don't see Spain winning the world cup now

MISC: 8/10

Features like changing how good a team is and making a referee favour one team to another slightly don’t have to be in a game like this but the fact is that they are and it’s great that Italian app comany Arcastudios put the effort in to not just make this a simple boring simulator. That’s where most of the marks for this catergory come in but they also come in for it’s high Replayability factor, I’ve had this game since the early stages of the world cup and I still get out and play it when I’m bored. Where it loses marks is that there are things missing like it would be cool if you could make your own team or there was a structered world cup already put in place and you didn’t have to manually do it by yourself


This app will not appeal to everyone even if you do like football but there is fun to be had with it you just have to know where to find it. This app is certainly one of a kind and if you like it and have a large interest in foregin football then check out Arcastudio’s latest soccer simulator for the Italian Serie A League which is completely free and just as good.


NAME: World Championship Simulator 2010
PRICE: $0.99/£0,59
DEVELOPER: Arcastudio
GENRE(S): Sport/Simulation
iTUNES LINK: World Championship Simulator 2010