Promo Codes are vouchers for specific Apps, allowing them to be downloaded for free. The codes can only be used in the US iTunes Store. If you don not have a US iTunes Account, you can still redeem the promo codes. You will just need to set up a US account, and you wont need any credit card details because you have a promo code.

To do this, follow these instructions:

1. Open iTunes, and set your country as United States. To do this click the round flag icon at the bottom right of any iTunes page, then choose United States from the resulting list.

2. In iTunes, navigate to Store > Create Account…

3. Create an account, entering your promo code when asked (this means no credit card is needed). You will need to enter your US address, maybe use a friends if you don’t have one.

3. Upon creating the account, you will be taken to the download page for the App you have won!

4. Once downloaded you can signout, and sign in as normal. You may want to revert to your correct country too.

5. Enjoy the App!