Scales and Modes Mini review

Playing piano has always appealed to me, as has playing the guitar.  However, I’ve never got round to it, but fortunatly for you and me, along comes this great little app ‘Scales and Modes’.  It displays all the scales and modes you’d ever need with over 20 different ones and over 14 different root notes (including sharp and flat). My guess is that you could get quite accomplished using this.  The menu system is extremely aesthetically pleasing, using the texture of an ancient piece of paper and scrolled handwiriting to make your selections.

Once your fine tuned selection is made, you are shown a five line staff with all the notes on and then the same chord but in tabliture form –…

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Friday Freebies

Friday means freebies, and first up are a couple of games that will keep you addicted until next Friday rolls around:

  1. Vector Tanks (Classic Version) ($0.99 > FREE)
    Global rating: 3.55
  1. Frict ($0.99 > FREE)
    Global rating: 3.75

If you are looking for something educational for the kids then, as a seasoned traveller, recomend this:

  1. Lola's Flag Adventure ($1.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.8

Want to text from your iPod Touch, or text for free? Check out TextPlus (be aware this works best in the US and Canada):

  1. textPlus (FREE)

    Global rating: 2.6

Create a Mall

Create a Mall works like most other time management titles; complete the set goals in under a certain time limit for a better score.  However, it stands out from the rest as it focuses on just one mall at a time, unlike housing management where you have lots of buildings all at once.  By doing this, it means that the mall takes up most of the screen so you can really get close and personal with the action and tell shops apart.  The typical elevator music plays in the background which adds an excellent touch as do the animations of people walking, elevator doors openeing and builders working.

The shops themselves are very nicely detailed and differ from eachother boasting at least 2 variations of…

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Sauce Digital to make tennis game

Exclusive news for you AppDopers. Sauce Digital – developers of Killer Pool, Nano Rally ant Touch Soccer 3D – will next be releasing a Tennis game.

There is no official name yet and no screenshots, but the game is well into production. Its 3D, with very accurate physics, and no… it wont have the same control system as Touch Soccer 3D.

The game hopes to address the lack of iPhone specific Tennis games, and hence the lack of really good ones. The release date is set for mid April.

AppDope loves a good free app. If you do too, why not head over to

Each morning, as the name suggests, points out a paid app that has gone for free for 24 hours. Todays freebie is Tiki Totems – which is well worth getting while its free.

The site was created by ICS Mobile, developer of critically acclaimed Navy Patrol:Coastal Defense, Blacksmith Games, developer of Apple’s Top featured game Plushed, OpenFeint, the leading iPhone social gaming network and Tapjoy, developer of perennial top 100 free game TapDefense.

If you like good free apps, dont forget to check out the PRICEDROPS section here on AppDope, where you can look through all the latest sales. Put in a…

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OpenFient Friday

Here are a few OpenFeint enabled games that have gone on sale this Friday.

If you don’t know, OpenFeint allows the iPhone community to see who’s top dog at different games. Games that use it generally have global high scores, but lots also have achievements, chat and Facebook connectivity. Most fun of all though are the games – such as Battle Bears and Hook Champ – that use OpenFeint to let you challenge your friends. For more info head over to the

  1. TileStorm ($1.99 > $0.99)

    Global rating: 3.45

  1. Tiki Totems ($1.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.7

  1. Sentinel: Mars Defense ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.65

Playground – A Day in the Park

With so many apps on the App Store, it’s easy to get lost in the many games that involve shooting or killing and hard to find one suitable for the younger generation.  Then along comes ‘Playground – A Day in the Park’, a very polished app intended for children aged between 1 and 3 years.  Boasting lovely, easy navigation menu and cute animals, you and your family can enjoy hours of entertainment.

The game consists of 4 mini-games each hosting lovely 2D artwork – the first, my favourite, is Bird on a power line. Simply swipe your finger over the bird and release to send the bird flying into the air and spinning round; good to make you laugh and…

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Bargains to brighten your day

February is officially the most depressing month of the year, at least here in the UK anyway. So here are some sales that might brighten your mood, if you are not depressed be careful – if you start from an happy place you might explode with joy. They including Killer Pool which I actually made myself, but despite that its actually quite good …

  1. Killer Pool ($1.99 > $0.99)

    Global rating: 3.15

  1. Doodle Bomb: Physics Puzzle with a Bang ($1.99 > $0.99)

    Global rating: 4

  1. ZombieHunter [7DA] ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.25

  1. WordWeaver ($1.99 > $0.99)

    Global rating: 4.05

  1. Voltron ($3.99 > $0.99)

    Global rating: 4

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Me again, this time I’m reviewing a game which is quickly becoming my favourite puzzle/word game. A great game that combines strategy and challenge to make for a fun and enjoyable play. CFresh Media LLC, made them selves known to the app store last month after their debut game Rummage charted in the US Top 10 Word Games and was featured in the New and Noteworthy section.


Well the gameplay is simple but it works well and you wouldn’t want it any other way. The object of the game is that you are given a list of words associated with a certain subject and you must slide letters around the screen either up, down, left or right to form the…

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Friday Freebies

Its Freebie Friday time, and strangely enough there seems to be a theme. Here are three animal based games you can pick up for free today. AppDope contributor Dogmeat himself is featured in the iTunes blurb for Paradise Monkeys, saying “5/5 – Paradise Monkeys is fun, in fact, its not only fun but extremely addictive.” – what more incentive do you need, and they’re free.

  1. Lion Pride ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.5

  1. Paradise Monkeys ($1.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 2.95

  1. Mouse About ($0.99 > FREE)

    Global rating: 3.75